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Person# of RelationshipsTitleCompay
Scott Oki166SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Sales Marketing and Services [Past]Microsoft Corp
K Joanne Bradford97VICE PRESIDENT Global Sales and Marketing [Past]Microsoft Corp
Craig Wallace79DIRECTOR Sales and Marketing [Past]Microsoft Corp
Robert Youngjohns77PRESIDENT North America Sales and Marketing [Past]Microsoft Corp
Jeremy Cowan51Sales RepresentativeMicrosoft Corp
Lloyd Spencer43VICE-PRESIDENT Marketing and Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Larry Nuttall40DIRECTOR Regional Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Scott Lehr39VICE PRESIDENT Sales & Business DevelopmentMicrosoft Corp
Tracy A Rees39VICE PRESIDENT Sales and Marketing [Past]Microsoft Corp
Michael Linn33EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Sales & Marketing [Past]Microsoft Corp
Brian J. Scott30VICE PRESIDENT Industry Strategy and Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Olivier Delafontaine30SALES DIRECTORMicrosoft Corp
Jeff Thacher28SALES DIRECTOR solution integrator Info SystemsMicrosoft Corp
Joachim Kempin28SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OEM Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Rick Eason26SALES MANAGER US Channel DistributionMicrosoft Corp
Jon Schepke25SALES ENGINEER for multi billion dollar [Past]Microsoft Corp
Andy Lees24CORPORATE VICE PRESIDENT US Marketing Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
T Ron Davis21DIRECTOR for Worldwide Sales Training [Past]Microsoft Corp
Thomas Scott21VICE PRESIDENT Direct Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Tim Dawson15Finance Serv SalesMicrosoft Corp
Jack Karabees14SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Sales and Marketing [Past]Microsoft Corp
Zulna Heriscar14Local Government Sales and Partner Engagement ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Chris Dobson13GENERAL MANAGER - Digital Marketing SalesMicrosoft Corp
Paul Dyhr13DIRECTOR Sales and Marketing [Past]Microsoft Corp
Tom Epes9SENIOR DIRECTOR Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Ali Faramawy9REGIONAL DIRECTOR for Sales Marketing and Services [Past]Microsoft Corp
Barry Ridgway8REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR US State and Local Government Industry Group [Past]Microsoft UK
Gary Bembridge8NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR [Past]Microsoft Corp
Jay Sampson8Western Region Sales DirectorMicrosoft Corp
Hisao Shimizu7SALES DIRECTOR [Past]Microsoft Corp
Patrick Shannon6VICE PRESIDENT Sales and Marketing SalesMicrosoft Corp
Eric Winkler6VICE PRESIDENT Sales and Marketing MarketingMicrosoft Corp
Christian Wedell Copan4SALES MANAGERMicrosoft Corp
Theo Theodorou4EMEA Mobile Advertising Sales Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Alan Coe4SPECIALIST Sales Group [Past]Microsoft Corp
Ashim Mathur4Sales Executive [Past]Microsoft Corp
Miguel Assaf3Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Wes Yanaga3Technical Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Rich Gold3Enterprise Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Sherle Webb Robins3PARTNER Sales and Marketing GroupMicrosoft Corp
Martin Bald3Global Partner Sales Resources ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Eugene Chi3Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Kevin Wilson3DIRECTOR of SalesMicrosoft Corp
Oliver Parker3Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Matt Williams2Sales Systems EngineerMicrosoft Corp
Joe Zhou2Solution Sales ExecutiveMicrosoft Corp
John Odoherty2SALES MANAGERMicrosoft Corp
Micahel D Smallwood2SALES MANAGERMicrosoft Corp
Rich Kaplan2Vice PresidentWestern Region-US Sales and ServiceMicrosoft Corp
Drew Wikel2Certified Systems Engineer West Region Manager US HQ Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Rod Achtmann Mendoza2DIRECTOR SALES OPERATIONSMicrosoft Corp
Shelly Alexander2SALES REPRESENTATIVEMicrosoft Corp
Chandra Krovvidi2SALES REPRESENTATIVEMicrosoft Corp
Paula Olson2Area Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Chris Jordan2SouthEast SalesMicrosoft Corp
Michael Brunetti2Solution Sales SpecialistMicrosoft Corp
Casimiro Barrero2Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Jeff Holstrom2Sales-Breadth AccountsMicrosoft Corp
Jenna Oconnell2PARTNER SalesMicrosoft Corp
Nick Thermenos2Enterprise Sales Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Gus Gustafson2Business Analysis Manager Enterprise SalesMicrosoft Corp
Harmon Lyons2Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Said Al Ghazzi2EPG Sales Manager - QATARMicrosoft Corp
James Waterman2Sales Executive [Past]Microsoft Corp
Sasha Peters2Sales Representative [Past]Microsoft Corp
Bob Post2Solution Sales Business IntelligenceMicrosoft Corp
Karen Vescovo2Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Kent Kappen2MANAGER SalesMicrosoft Corp
Rene Baumgartner2EMEA Distribution Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Craig Duckering2Inside SalesMicrosoft Corp
Jeff Dumas2Sales and Marketing ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Maurizio Bai2Services Sales Manager of MGRSMicrosoft Corp
Pat Hayes2GENERAL MANAGER Seminar Sales TeamMicrosoft Corp
Mike Grimm2Sales RepresentativeMicrosoft Corp
Alejandro Pestchanker2Sales Excellence and Licensing ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Eddie Blackwell2Sales EngineerMicrosoft Corp
John Drake2Sales Operations Group Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Brett Wolfe2PARTNER Sales Manager-Midwest/HeartlandMicrosoft Corp
Melissa Barnet2Pacific Northwest Platform Sales Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Seth Dallaire1Sales Manager [Past]Microsoft Corp
Bob Buresh1Area Sales Representive [Past]Microsoft Corp
Stephanie Hines1MANAGER SalesMicrosoft Corp
Jason Anderson1DIRECTOR Retail Sales and ServicesMicrosoft Corp
Wendy McCall1Solution Sales Professional Unified CommunicationsMicrosoft Corp
Brian Obrien1Sales Managerbr/Microsoft TV Platforms GroupMicrosoft Corp
Anthony Warren1Inside Sales South Central DistrictMicrosoft Corp
Lorrie Raikes1VICE PRESIDENT Marketing/ Sales [Past]Microsoft Corp
Patrick McConnell1SALES MANAGER Photogrammetric SystemsMicrosoft Corp
Jim Burkeholder1Microsoft Practice Sales [Past]5280 Solutions Inc
Ral Goycoolea Seoane1Solution SalesMicrosoft Corp
Dan Daley1Sales RepresentativeMicrosoft Corp
Tim Wesley1REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR Central RegionMicrosoft Corp
Bob Isaacs1Application Platform Solution SalesMicrosoft Corp
John Hewie1Sales and Support Information TechnologyMicrosoft Corp
Julie Knapp1District Sales Manager-MSN [Past]Microsoft Corp
Adrian Wilson1MANAGER SalesMicrosoft Corp
Tricia Flynn1DIRECTOR ENTERPRISE Service Sales-USMicrosoft Corp
Tom Bartlett1DPM-Incubation Sales ManagerMicrosoft Corp
Pete Wiseman1SALES MANAGERMicrosoft Corp
Jim Fredricksen1ACCOUNT MANAGER - OEM Sales Division [Past]Microsoft Corp